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  2. Potter Tree Consultancy

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  7. Making assets fly on the Jamstack with Image CDNs

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  9. There is no Privacy Policy

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  13. Personal site stack for

    The technical stack for including 11ty, Sass, esbuild and gulp

  14. Web Nostalgia and Lost In Translation

    Ramblings about web nostalgia, early web experiments and translating through many different languages

  15. Front End Web Development Feeds and Newsletters

    Blogs, articles and newsletters I follow to keep up-to-date with Frontend web development.

  16. Conditionally loading a native image lazyload polyfill/library

    How you can feature detect native image lazyloading support and load a JS library if not.

  17. Conditionally loading a polyfill for :focus-visible

    Helpful snippet to load the polyfill for CSS pseudo class :focus-visible conditionally.

  18. SVG Landscape with live colour theming - new site part 2

    'Live' colour-changing landscape using custom properties for an SVG landscape.

  19. Making a Parallax SVG Landscape - new site part 1

    How I made the parallax SVG landscape in the header of my website. First of a series of two.

  20. Fixes for Koken Problems

    Koken is an old CMS for photographers I've worked with, these are some fixes for those still using it.