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Hi, I'm Alistair!

I'm a web developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and use the pronouns he/him. I love front-end development—particularly CSS, HTML, and web performance.

I currently work as Lead Developer at the creative agency Series Eight. You can find out more about my Projects and Work, about me or view my CV. I occasionally write about web technologies on my blog.

Feel free to contact me for a chat about the web, find out any more info, invite me to speak or just to say hi!

Me grinning at the camera wearing a unzipped jacket in a moor. The image is dithered and toned to match the rest of the site

Work and projects

  1. Lead developer at Series Eight

    My day job is lead developer at Series Eight, and as part of that I work on a load of websites, processes and tooling. Check out S8 for some examples!

  2. Async Alpine — advanced component loading for Alpine.js

    An open-source project I maintain, adding the ability to control when components load in the JS framework Alpine.js. A must-have for high-performance Alpine.js sites!

  3. Creative web — building dynamic websites for work and play

    A talk looking at how with a little modern CSS and JS you can build cool and exciting effects on the web easier than you may think!

  4. Cead Consent

    A simple, lightweight and easy-to-implement Cookie/Tracking consent manager for the web.

  5. Making assets fly and images a breeze with Image CDNs

    A talk introducing Image CDNs as a tool to enhance performance and developer experiences working with images.

My Writing

  1. Alternative text for "I'm a Luddite (and So Can You!)"

    Alternative text for the web comic from Tom Humberstone about a history of the Luddites and how you can and should also be a Luddite

  2. Bone conduction earphones revolution — Aftershokz Aeropex review

    The bone conduction earphones from Aftershokz blew my mind and are the best earphones I've ever used! Reviewed 9/10.

  3. Simple, cheap GeoIP API using Netlify Edge functions

    How you can use Netlify to set up your own GeoIP API service with no rate limits, payment plans or tracking!

More writing