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One of the great things about the web and developing for it is how accessible it is. When I was learning I picked up so much from watching other developers speak about their work - and now I have more experience I love doing the same.

I like speaking about Web Performance, CSS architecture, Images and Accessibility. If you're looking for someone to speak about any of those topics at your meetup or a conference please get in touch!

Here are my talks

  1. Creative web: building dynamic websites for work and play

    Modern web technologies and browsers are more powerful and flexible than ever, and making great websites has never been easier.

    This talk looks back at how with a bit of recent CSS and JavaScript and some simple techniques it's possible to make a dynamic, fun, creative website easier than you may think!

  2. Making assets fly and images a breeze with Image CDNs

    Talking about how image CDNs can make working with images on the web easier, and sites more performant.