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I'm Alistair Shepherd, a web developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland

I've been working with the web for 6 years, building responsive websites and web apps. I love writing CSS, HTML and progressive JavaScript, and enjoy working on performance, accessibility, modern static site generation and stunning interfaces.

Photo of me smiling at the camera in front of a background of a slightly rough sea and cloudy sky.

My Work

I currently work as Lead Developer at SeriesEight, a global remote agency specialising in great websites with creative flair and polish. Before taking my role as Lead Developer, I worked as a Frontend Developer.

I've previously worked as a Full Stack developer at Blue2 Digital, a Full Stack developer at The Covey Agency, and as a freelance developer in the Scottish Highlands under the name Accudio.

I'm generally not available for freelance work, but feel free to get in touch and we can see if either myself or the SeriesEight team can help!

My CV / Resume

About Me

I grew up in the Highlands of Scotland, and the wild mountains is always home for me. My programming and development skills are self-taught, and after a brief period studying Computatational Physics at the University of Dundee decided academia wasn't for me. I wanted to continue my hobby of building websites into a career, which is where I am today.

When I'm not in front of my computer writing code, I love origami, video games, and listening to music Spotify categorises as "Indie Rock", "Indie Pop Rock", "Stomp and Holler" and "Hopebeat".

Growing up in the Cairngorms and with Scottish Skiing on my doorstep I adore skiing, snowboarding, and mountains in general and you can often find me up a hill with either skis or walking boots on!

Photo of me kneeling on a snowy ski slope, with a snowboard on my feet. I'm smiling at the camera in full ski kit, my arms are outstretched with two thumbs up.