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CV / Resume

Alistair is an experienced front-end web developer and lead developer that strives to create great looking, feeling and performing websites of all kinds. He built up experience developing websites, e-commerce sites, web apps, APIs and more for individuals and businesses using a range of technologies and circumstances.

Alistair is passionate for user experience, accessibility, performance and CSS. He has additional extensive experience in devops, team management, technical writing, strategy, and public speaking.


  • HTML

    Semantic and modern markup, progressive enhancement/graceful degradation, accessibility following WAI-ARIA standards

  • CSS

    Responsive Design, SASS, CSS architecture, modular and scoped CSS, CSS frameworks including Bootstrap and Tailwind, translating pixel-perfect designs, style linting tools, animation

  • JavaScript

    Modern front-end JavaScript, writing ES6 with Babel, use of node.js, libraries including jQuery, Vue,js, React, Svelte, Alpine, express, script linting tools

  • Jamstack

    Experience with Static Site Generators including 11ty, Next.js, Nuxt, Gridsome, Sapper. Also experienced with 'serverless' including Lambda, Netlify functions and Vercel

  • Image Optimisation

    Extensive experience in image optimisation including format knowledge, image workflows including local and image CDNs, experience testing and implementing optimal loading strategies.

  • Workflow and Tooling

    NPM, Yarn, Gulp, Grunt, Webpack, Parcel, Rollup, Snowpack, Esbuild

  • Backend Languages

    PHP, libraries and library management with composer

  • Wordpress Development

    Bespoke theme and plugin development, use of Advanced Custom Fields, WordPress REST API

  • Testing, optimisation and debugging

    Software and Browser testing and debugging, Performance and accessibility testing, auditing and optimisation

  • Other technical

    REST API and HTTP, version control and collaboration with Git, experience with Adobe (XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign), Affinity (Designer, Photo, Publisher) and Figma programs

  • Client interaction

    Writing proposals and quotes, meeting with individuals and groups, writing user-focused documentation, basic training

  • Great team mentality and communication

    Able to discuss problems with other team members and work collaboratively, keen to expand the skills of the team by learning from members and conveying own knowledge


  • Lead Developer at SeriesEight

    January 2023–Present

    • Managing and supporting the Series Eight development team.
    • Driving processes, documentation and tooling to improve developer productivity and happiness.
    • Consulting and assisting with more complex and difficult development tasks.
    • Continuing to work on websites using technologies including Craft CMS, Shopify, WordPress, Tailwind, Alpine and Vue.js.
  • Frontend Developer at SeriesEight

    April 2021–January 2023

    • Building dynamic and exciting websites from design using technologies including Craft CMS, Shopify, WordPress, Tailwind, Alpine and Vue.js.
    • Made a significant impact on company learning, pushing for improved accessibility standards and for better image delivery strategies.
  • Full Stack Developer at Blue2 Digital

    January 2021–April 2021

    • Developed full-stack WordPress websites for several clients during my time with the agency.
    • Built two sites fully from design and contributed to new features and bug fixing for many others.
    • Quickly became key member of the team, assisting existing and new members in improving code quality - particularly around performance and accessibility.
    • Left Blue2 to move into a role more focused on frontend development.
  • Full Stack web Developer at The Covey Agency

    January 2019–December 2020

    • Developed modern websites that are functional, built to design, responsive, accessible and performant for many large clients to tight deadlines.
    • Personally responsible for delivering over 15 websites, including working with clients and the rest of the team from design stage to launch and continued development.
    • Overhauled build toolchain to allow for faster and more efficient development.
  • Freelance Web Developer as Accudio

    April 2014–Present

    • Developed custom and bespoke solutions for clients using technologies including React, Vue.js, WordPress, 11ty and more.
    • Provided ongoing maintenance, support and hosting, satisfying the needs of clients.
    • Worked with Carrbridge Community Council on a new responsive website and business listing system for Since launch, these changes have increased the average daily visitors by 125%, and decreased the bounce rate by 20%.
    • Developed a new responsive website and integrated a booking system for the watersports centre Loch Morlich, increasing average daily visitors by 66% and website booking conversion by an estimated 75%. During Covid-19, this booking system became essential for the business and now 100% of income is taken online.