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There is no Privacy Policy

I don't know why you clicked on this link, but hi! You probably expected a big long document telling you what my website collects, what cookies it sets, which darknet site has first dibs on your browsing habits.

Yeah I guess this was a trick. I'd prefer to pretend it's a statement about the shambles the web is nowadays.

Honestly, I don't want your personal data. I don't want to track you, and while I'm at it there's no need for cookies either.

I had analytics on my website for a while, I was using Matomo (then Piwik) and I rarely looked at it. To be honest, I didn't understand most of it. I realised whilst building this site, it hadn't been working properly for over a year. I hadn't noticed. I clearly don't need it.

If you fancy telling me about your experience on my website then please do! I love chatting to people about the web, and if you have any feedback I'd love to hear it. Otherwise though, your browsing habits are your own business—not mine.