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5 posts published
  1. Web Performance Calendar — Ten optimisation tips for an initial web performance audit

    A post on the the Web Performance Calendar with handy tips for an site performance audit

  2. HTMHell Advent Calendar — Getting started with Web Performance

    A post on the the HTMHell Advent Calendar about how to get started with web performance including some tips!

  3. Front End Web Development Feeds and Newsletters

    Blogs, articles and newsletters I follow to keep up-to-date with Frontend web development.

  4. Conditionally loading a native image lazyload polyfill/library

    How you can feature detect native image lazyloading support and load a JS library if not.

  5. Conditionally loading a polyfill for :focus-visible

    Helpful snippet to load the polyfill for CSS pseudo class :focus-visible conditionally.